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Most of us are totally unaware of the effects that this harmful plague has on the biological and ecological systems of our world. What we believe to be clean air is saturated with microwaves and radiowaves and all all types of radiation that can be extremely harmful to our well being.

There is a difference between natural and man-made radiation. Radiation is everywhere. It is only the radiation from our man-made sources that we must be concerned about.


Unified fields form in natural environments, such as the ocean beach or an unspoilt wilderness. These natural environments are well known as recuperative and attractive places to visit. They are pleasing to the senses, however, their main attribute is that the sub-atomic forces of the atoms within the cells become unified. The artificially-induced energies of our modern environments can cause these unified fields to dissipate.

This is where we come in. Our Products are designed to help reduce the energies that our modern environment produces. We have created a number of products to suit different needs.


There are three types of devices called transducers, that can provide unified fields within our modern environment.

  1. Mobile Phone Card $40.00

A small transducer which fits unobtrusively inside the mobile phone. The bio-effects of man-made communication energies and devices are well established.
Our airspace is totally saturated. An operating mobile phone stresses human function at the extreme level. UF technologies prevent microwave/radiofrequency radiation from antagonising cellular activity, especially at the brain site.
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  2. BioProtector Card $45.00

A business card size transducer that is carried in the pocket, purse or wallet for everyday EM compatibility.
Carrying a BioProtector card provides everyday access to a unified field, thereby ensuring that most of the artificially-induced energies which are encountered amongst the modern built environment have little bio-effects.

  3. MultiPurpose Transducer $55.00

For larger applications such as vehicles, apartments, shopping centres, tourist complexes, shipping, aircraft and all indoor environments. Other uses include mains water, computers, electronic equipment and complete electromagnetic compatibility for workplace staff. MultiPurpose Transducers can simply be placed in a meter box, on a powerpoint or between electronic equipment and the user.

  Human Ecology Research Manual $49.95

This manual is the compilation of 5 years of research into the impact of the indoor and outdoor environments upon human beings.
This manual is a bound 120-A4 page document that uses the principles of quantum physics, metaphysics, ancient wisdom and intuitive reasoning, to provide all-encompassing, balanced and factual research within the framework of the discipline: Human Ecology.

For inside Australia, add $5 for postage. Outside Australia add $12.


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